Tax Agents
Tax Professionals - Important Note

Now that the appeals season is here, the Board has a quick checklist for Tax Agents/Consultants:

All e-filers as well as other agents should, if they have not already, update their information through our SBOE Appeal Online system.  

The SBOE Appeal Online system lets you setup Agent information relating to e-filing such as your e-mail addresses, as well as change address, phone and other important information.  Additionally for agents who receive information primarily via email or the web site, there is now a new option on the Agent Profile to Suppress postal mailings.  The SBOE strongly encourages e-filers to help us go paperless by selecting this Suppress option.  This helps us cut down on paper work and time spent mailing out items for agents who primarily rely on email and the web already.  Note that Notice of Decision printouts from the website have now been modified to print on one page and may be used as legal evidence of our rulings. For tax years 2006 and later the Board will not calculate LPV's except for hearings pursuant to A.R.S. 42-16251 and 16254 et al and client counties.