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Required Petition Documents - Upload Portal

This form allows the petitioner to upload supporting documentation required as part of the Petition for Review of Valuation. Submit your appeal online prior to uploading the supporting documentation as outlined below:

Supporting documentation requirements that may be required with your petition:

  • A copy of the original petition filed with the Assessor (REQUIRED)
  • Tax officer/county assessor decision (REQUIRED)
  • A copy of the Agency Authorization form (DOR 82130AA), if applicable
  • A copy of the Multiple Parcel Appeal Form (DOR 82131), if applicable

Your petition has not been perfected until you submit the documents referenced above and they must be uploaded within three business days of the electronically-filed petition or the petition filing deadline, whichever is later. Required documentation may be submitted to the SBOE by either using this form to upload documents or delivered to the SBOE in hard-copy form by hand or mail by the deadline as referenced above.

Do not use this form to upload evidence to the SBOE as it will not be printed.  Each party is responsible for presenting/providing evidence at the in-person hearing.

Please contact the Board should you have any questions, 602-364-1600.

Upload Documentation
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