Name Lookup

SBOE By Name Property Lookup

Links to access the SBOE efile portal are listed to the right.

[If specifying phone, please include Area Code:  

Samples: 6022537800, 5205551212, etc. ] 

In the case of multiple entries the lookup proceeds in this order of precedence: Company, Last Name, First Name, Phone.  For trial and error lookups just enter one of these fields, as lower precedence fields will be ignored if a higher precedence field is filled in.  Example, if you fill in Smith as last name and Michael as first name, all Smiths will be returned, but not all Michaels.  To see all Michaels just enter Michael in First Name field and leave Last Name field (and other fields) blank. 

These lookups are for people who have made current or past filings with the SBOE. For those who haven't, or those who wish see other general info on your property please reference the Maricopa Links and Pima Links on the menu.